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About Us



The whole idea began when I became a mother, constantly caring and worrying what I am applying to my daughters skin.


I would always buy her the best of the best, top of the shelf and that's when I started reading about ingredients and how they affect a childs skin.

I started to become more educated and more aware of what is actually in the products and what effects they have on our skin.



ALL our products are Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free and ingredients are FDA approved.


I wanted to create natural products not only for myself but also for other mothers and their children and make us feel safe and secure about what we apply to our skin.


I am ALL about WOMEN EMPOWEREMENT and supporting one another! We honestly are SUPERHEROES in everything we do. And our multitasking skills and staying on TOP of everything is honestly OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I want to create products that people will love and enjoy on their skin.


For maintaining natural beauty!


I believe every single human being on this planet is beautiful!

Especially our women!


In this day and age it is so easy to comment, judge and bring someone down. There is this unrealistic image barrier created and the glamorous lifestyle is heavily idolised.


I want to go BACK TO BASICS and allow and encourage women to love themselves and EMBRACE their natural beauty and INDULGE IN NATURE!

But I also wanna do more than that! I want women to feel good to feel safe and confident! Both outside and on the inside! Our mental health is important and if a little boost and feeling good can empower us and make us feel better positive and optimistic about life and the future then that makes me very happy not only as a person but as a woman too! We’re in this together!


I myself struggled with putting myself down internally which affected me taking care of myself in and out.


I want to encourage women to feel comfortable in their bodies!


And the way to start is with your SKINCARE!


IF you feel good, refreshed and poppin, you will feel more confident and sexy!


Let’s go get’em Ladies!